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The Library of Congress has a wonderful site section, "American Memory".  It is an archive of source materials relating to the history and culture of the United States.  There are hundreds of old photographs of the Cape Ann area on the site.  The search page is located at American Memory.  You can limit your search to different media types.  To search for photos only, click on "Photos and Prints" in the options on the right.  When the new search box comes up, type in Gloucester, Mass or Cape Ann or whatever your interest is.

If anyone can identify a photo from the archives and has/or is willing to shoot a photo of the same location as it looks today and send it to us, we'll put them up on the site. Or, if you can identify a location in an old photo, let us know where it is and we'll try to get a current shot.

Our email address for correspondence is capeannweb@yahoo.com

Thank you to the posters at the Cape Ann Online message board, especially "MAspeleo" (a big thanks), for contributing their research and knowledge to this feature.  Keep it coming!

We have not been able to identify the location of the buildings in the two photos below.  If anyone knows the locations, we would be extremely grateful if you would email us at the above address and let us know.

Gloucester Schoolhouse - the only information about this building is that it is one-story wooden structure, early 19th century.

Gloucester Schoolhouse

This photo is dated c. 1905-1915:

Gloucester Post Office